Comprehensive Counselling

Comprehensive Counselling

With a number of experienced counsellors, NEASTERNS provides specialised, comprehensive and even-handed information to students. Counselling is tailor-made to suit individual requirements, taking into consideration a student’s background, aptitude, interests and career goals.

With a number of experienced counsellors, NEASTERNS provides specialised, comprehensive and even-handed services to students to accomplish their dreams. Encouraging the best educational opportunities in prestigious institutions abroad. We appropriately set the academic objectives for ambitious students.

Selection of an Institution

Become more acquainted with the student to understand their capacities, aptitudes, abilities, interests, personality and learning style.
Recommend suitable institutions and guide the student through all stages.


We understand the difficulties that a Student experiences once they have chosen to travel to another country for higher education. Here we at Neasterns help the student in selecting the correct course according to academic interest and requirements. It is essential for the student to be extremely content with the decision and the determination made. At VIEC we guarantee that student can recognise the course offered by the Institute which firmly meets their present, long term goals and the build up their potential.

Assistance with application forms for admission

A correct application creates a positive impact on the institution the student has applied to, resulting in the likelihood of securing admission. We help all our students with the documentation required to be submitted alongside the application forms.

Liaising with Institutions for offer letters

After receiving the complete academic documentation from the student, we arrange an offer letter from the Institution within the set time limit. We function as a link between student and the Institution.

Lodgement of Visa Application

Once the student has secured an offer letter from the institution and paid the fee, we help them in preparing the different documentation required to obtain the student visa. We likewise counsel the student for their visa interviews by giving mock visa interview sessions.

Advice on part time employment while studying

We support the students by counselling about part time employment options available when they go abroad for higher education. Along with this we educate them about post study work right and visa regulations.

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